We are a husband & wife team and shoot nearly all of our weddings together.
The only times that we are not shooting together is either when it is specifically requested or if Cody has a prior travel engagement as a musician (he's an insanely talented guitarist)

What's the best way to get in touch?
I would love to connect with you over email! You can reach me at hello@lovelydayfleur.com

Do I have insurance for your venue?
Wouldn't leave home without it! We have insurance for both our gear and the locations we photograph at for liability purposes.

Film is making a comeback! Do you shoot any?
We primarily shoot digital, but do pull out our medium format film camera from time to time. It's kind of magical.

Do you travel for sessions and weddings?
We love shooting locally and love shooting afar. My heart is to find the most amazing location for your photos. Whether that's in your backyard, across the country, or in another continent. 

What are your engagement sessions like?
I tell each and every couple that I want them to feel like they are on a date adventuring together- just the two of them. It's very important to me that the two of you feel relaxed and comfortable. And that the photos are displaying a deep connection to one another and to the moment. I want you to be able to look back at them and feel exactly what you were feeling in that moment. Love is pretty incredible and your's is a one and only.

What do Rachael + Cody do outside of photographing weddings together on the weekends?
Cody is a professional guitarist that tours and teaches music lessons during the week. In his spare time he is perfecting his skills or watching The Office. (He's literally always practicing)
I (Rachael) am always creating. If I'm not editing or photographing people, then I am creating artwork or logos for other photographers. Art is my life and I am completely over the moon happy with that. 

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